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From products and services, to recommended reading - discover a plethora of resources to grow your practice.

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From Hello to Hugs

Get the sensational book on how to turn callers into raving fans. A guide to making MORE from LESS in your dental practice.


The Secret Power of Your KPIs

Make this year the year of success for your practice with our comprehensive guide to tracking your practice KIPs


The ABCs of Practice Surthrival

No that's not a typo - this free video shows how you can make your practice Thrive.

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The Physician Referral Magnet

Get an endless supply of patients who say yes to your best treatment plans... without the constant fight and discussions around money

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Build a Word of Mouth Referral Practice

Ten low or no cost strategies so you can have a constant supply of new patients using only word of mouth...

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Get More Referrals in your Practice

Discover the seven reasons you don't get enough referrals in your dental practice - and EXACTLY what you can do about it!

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Resources from Trusted Providers


In our years helping practices, we've come across trusted providers that we believe give practice owners an unfair advantage over others. Below you'll find links to those providers as well as a brief explanation of the service or product they provide.

Some of the links below are affiliate links. If you purchase, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. We only recommend providers or services we trust.


mLive is an automated marketing system that uses Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing principles and customizes it for dental practices. This is a MUST have for anyone who doesn’t have the time, marketing expertise, or writing ability.

Even if you already have another program that does some of this, it's worthwhile checking it out. The best part is that the way its structured, it’s actually RISK-FREE.

Learn more about mLive in their four minute video here >


12Strong is a talented and dedicated marketing and web development company that I've been working with for years.

A beautiful website may make you feel good - but do you know if it's bringing in new patients? 12Strong is focused on the return on investment for their clients and knows the right way to create online marketing pieces that work for your practice.

Learn more about 12Strong >

The Anticipatory Leadership System

Can you Profit From Disruptive Change in the Dental Industry?
The Anticipatory Leader Membership is a results-driven online experience that will quickly help you and your team master the art of anticipatory thinking.

A powerful program developed by my friend Daniel Burrus, The Anticipatory Leadership System can help you:

  • Accelerate Growth Using Hard Trends
  • Influence the Future with Soft Trends
  • Position Your Brand for Today's Transformations
  • Use the Law of Opposites to Propel Your Business Forward
  • Find Amazing Opportunities Others Are Missing
  • Get Your Ideas Approved Easier and Faster
  • Become a Positive Disruptor
  • Skip Your Biggest Problems
  • And much more!

Learn more about the program here > 

All-Star Dental Academy

Are you having employee issues in your practice? If so, then you'll love this system for dental team training from All-Star Dental Academy.

Easily train your dental team to deliver the highest level of customer service and be The Ritz-Carlton and Nordstrom of dentistry. Give your patients the All-Star patient experience and get results – Guaranteed. More money and less stress. It’s that simple.

Imagine being able to:

  • Convert Calls to Patients
  • Reduce Broken Appointments
  • Increase Case Acceptance

Download their free ebook and you can learn the small and simple changes in the way your team works that yield MASSIVE improvements to your bottom line.

Learn more and download their free eBook > 

The Growth Institute: Scaling Up

In 2010 I was in a partnership that broke up.  I began to dissect the breakup and try to figure out what went wrong so I wouldn’t make the same mistake again in my next venture, Manhattan Dental Health.

That’s when I found Verne Harnish’s book, Scaling Up.  What a revelation.  He clearly articulated what had happened when three practices merged to build a much larger entity without first building the proper foundation.

I became hooked on Verne’s group and The Growth Institute.  With help from the guidance I gained from them, I was able to build systems and processes that allowed Manhattan Dental Health to grow 10-20% a year, every year it existed up to its sale.

Amongst others, I benefitted from their teachings about the content, structure, and rhythm of meetings.  In my opinion, this feature alone is worthy of your consideration.

Watch Verne's free presentation here > 


Dentists suffer from a commonly held belief that their ‘business’ is different from other businesses. While there are some nuances, in general, most businesses, including dental practices operate under similar principles. They all have products or services, need customers or patients and should make a profit, if they want to continue to exist.

21 Hats is named in recognition of the many hats a business owner has to wear. I have a whole collection, as I’m sure you do as well.

This podcast and morning emailed newsletter has been a blessing to me. It has given me ideas about how other businesses have dealt with crisis and found creative solutions.

It has enabled me to recommend adaptive strategies that have worked elsewhere to dental practices so they may also benefit.

The 21 Hats Morning Report is a compilation that I look forward to every morning. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.

Subscribe to 21Hats here >

Boom Cloud

Increase your recurring revenue with an All-In-One Membership Program For Your Practice with Boom Cloud's exciting platform.

55% of Americans don’t have dental insurance. Why compete for the same patients as the dentist down the street when you could tap into a market and cut out insurance companies from decreasing the value of your services and cutting your profits.

Practices That Use BoomCloud Grow Their Membership by up to 1,000%. With the help of BoomCloud Dental Membership Software, you now have the opportunity to create an in-house membership program for your patients with no waiting periods.

Build recurring revenue which increases the value of a practice and allows you to truly care for your patients.

Learn more and sign up for Boom Cloud here >

Posturedontics Ergonomic Training

You can’t be effective as a dentist or hygienist if you can’t put your expertise into action. Action requires health and mobility. Ergonomics is something we’re also not taught in dental school and when we go to purchase equipment, price and patient comfort are far greater considerations than the ONE thing that could prolong one’s career, ERGONOMICS.

Plus, musculoskeletal issues are often addressed AFTER they occur. Wouldn’t it make more sense to take a PREVENTIVE approach, such as the one we so often preach to our patients?

That’s why I’m so passionate about what Dr. Bethany Valachi does through her Posturedontics programs. Dr. Valachi, a nationally renowned doctor of physical therapy, through her programs, is dedicated to helping healthcare practitioners prolong their careers.

Plus, Dr. Valachi teaches how we can choose ergonomically appropriate equipment and use them appropriately.

  • Want to inject your daily life with more vigor and remove those aches and pains?
  • Want to know which pieces of equipment and which positions are causing that pain in the neck, back or wrist?
  • Want to know how you can get a better return on the investment you made in your career by prolonging it in comfort?

Learn more about Posturedontics programs here > 

Recommended Reading


Dr. Goldberg is voracious reader and he's distilled some of his best reads here for you to add to your list to help grow your practice

Jim Collins: 
Good to GreatBuilt to Last

Simon Sinek:
 Start with WhyLeaders Eat LastThe Infinite Game

Verne Harnish:
Scaling Up

Dan Kennedy:
 Renegade MillionaireThe Ultimate Sales LetterMagnetic Marketing for DentistsUncensored Sales StrategiesThe Direct Mail SolutionNo B.S. Guide to Direct MarketingNo B.S. Guide to Social Media Marketing

Malcolm Gladwell:
 OutliersThe Tipping Point

Daniel Kahneman:
 Thinking Fast and Slow

Napoleon Hill:
 Think and Grow Rich

Spencer Johnson:
Who Moved My Cheese

Bill Capodagli:
 The Disney Way

Robert Cialdini:

Peter Drucker: 
The Effective Executive

David Marquet: 
Turn the Ship Around

Patrick Lencioni: 
The FIVE Dysfunctions of a Team

Steven Covey: 
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

John C. Maxwell: 
Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

Seth Godin: 
Purple CowThe DipTribesThis Is Marketing

The E Myth, The Innovator’s Dilemma

Theil and Masters: 
Zero to One

Grant Cardone: 
Be Obsessed or Be Average

James Altucher: 
Choose Yourself

Kim and Mauborgne: 
Blue Ocean Strategy

Thaler and Sunstein: 

Sandberg and Grant: 
Option B

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Tony Robbins: 

Carol Dweck: 

Daniel Pink: 
WhenTo Sell Is HumanDrive

James Clear: 
Atomic Habits

Patrick Lencioni: 
The Advantage

Daniel Burrus: 
The Anticipatory Organization

Michael Hyatt: 
No Fail Meetings, Your Best Year Ever

John Doerr: 
Measure What Matters

Daniel Goleman: 

Susan Packard: 
Fully Human

Angela Duckworth: 

Gary Keller: 
The ONE Thing

Cal Newport: 
Deep Work

Willing and Babin: 
Extreme Ownership

Ben Horowitz: 
The Hard Thing About Hard Things

John Warillow: 
Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You