[BUNDLE] The Practice Toolkit + Evaluation Workbook

The perfect bundle to transform your practice
$ 98.00

The perfect bundle to transform your dental practice

In the 19th Century, Lord Kelvin famously said; “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Peter Drucker, more recently popularized this sentiment as well. And, one of my mentors, Dan Kennedy claims that just the processes of measuring something will result in its improvement.

This bundle contains both The Practice Success Toolbox and The Practice Evaluation Workbook.

  • The Practice Success Toolbox has been developed to help dental practices STABILIZE.
  • The Practice Evaluation Workbook helps you with the process of gathering data that will allow you to measure KPPI’s or KEY PRACTICE PERFORMANCE INDICATORS.

Use both of them to ensure your practice is on the right course and then to continue moving on that course as the years go on.

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