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Practice Perfect System helps dentists achieve total practice transformational success.


Regardless of where you are in the life cycle of your practice, Practice Perfect Systems seeks to help you optimize results to achieve your goals.

For US, it’s all about YOU.
We don't believe in cookie-cutter processes and that's reflected in our custom approach to helping our clients achieve the success they desire in their practice.

How Can I Help?


Curating the people in your sphere of influence is a key to happiness and growth. Learn how this process works in your practice though hiring an “A” team.

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Getting Great Patients

Attracting a steady flow of new patients who are excellent fits for you practice doesn’t happen by accident. Learn the secrets of magnetic patient attraction.

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Business Strategies

Success does’t happen by accident. Economic and other trends change. Learn proven strategies of adaptation and growth.

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Getting to Yes

Treatment acceptance is the key to making any investment pay off. Yet, national acceptance rates are pathetic at only 35%. Learn the magic of Ethical Persuasion.

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Competition is increasing and patients can't tell if your practice is the perfect one for them. Learn how you can stick out of the crowd.

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Seven Powerful Strategies to Help You Achieve Practice Success


Powerful Leadership & Vision

Dentist-owners spend long days working IN the practice and often don’t have the time to spend doing critical thinking. Many never stop to think how their practice life is impacting their family, social and spiritual lives.

Our Strategic Thinking and Planning Process results in the following:

  • Create a crystal clear vision of success in business and personal life.
  • Take this vision and creates an action plan, business plan and marketing plan so that you know every day what to do to grow and fulfill your goals.
  • Think long-term, see trends and plan for a healthy and profitable transition.
  • Become a more effective leader.

Mindset Mastery

It’s common for Dentist-Owners to struggle with self-doubt, fear and limiting beliefs at all stages of practice development.  Such mindset pitfalls can sabotage success.

We focus on resolving these roadblocks to achieve:

  • Getting over the inner fears that are holding back growth.
  • Releasing mental blocks that limit personal, professional and spiritual growth.
  • Adopt a winning mindset that will enhance every aspect of life and promote a positive outlook of the future.
  • Create a better life-balance.

Dream Team Building

Dentists can struggle with people in their employ who underperform, act in self-interest or are unaccountable.  Plus turnover has an immense cost on both the practice and the stress level of the dentist-owner. 

We will show you how to:

  • Attract, hire, motivate and retain people who will be self-motivated, productive and accountable.
  • Create a team or better yet, a community culture.
  • Delegate so the Doctor-owner can cut hours while increasing production.
  • Recognize the signs of team and individual dysfunction and learn how to proactively cope with it.
  • How to constantly recruit to facilitate desired growth and expansion.

Unique Magnetic Marketing and Branding

Dentists are not trained in marketing and often fall prey to schemes that fail to give an adequate Return On Investment (ROI).  Just as bad, are Random Acts of Marketing (RAM). Every Dentist’s personal practice philosophy and market environment calls for different marketing strategies.  

We'll help transform your marketing by showing you:

  • How to evaluate current marketing activities and suggest changes that will allow you to attract the RIGHT type of patient.
  • How to facilitate more effective marketing decisions.
  • Examples of high-converting marketing copy.
  • How to implement a proven system that prevents sporadic new patient flow, attract the right types of patients and pre-sell them.
  • How to review phone skills to the front desk that supports rather than hinders marketing efforts.

Powerful Case Presentation and Acceptance

Getting patients to consistently say, “YES” to your best care is the goal.  Dental School doesn’t prepare a dentist to effectively “sell” patients on the care they truly need.  

Education is only a small part of the process. And, case acceptance is where most practices flounder. Patients deserve to get the best care possible.

We'll help you put this in place in your practice by showing you:

  • How to identify the bottleneck in the process.
  • Simple to follow techniques that will result in dramatically increased case acceptance.
  • A system that deals with “I have to think about it”.

Follow-Up, Maintenance and Patient Reactivation

Practices can loose a fortune by not keeping patients engaged. 

When patients fail to follow through with needed care everyone looses.  When they fail to come back, everyone looses.   Patients lost to maintenance/follow up/recare winds up costing the office valuable time and resources to reactivate them.

Our processes will show you:

  • How to stop CHURN (patient turnover) through a system of active patient engagement.
  • How to recognize and stop churn dead in its tracks.
  • How to use patient relationship management tools.

Fiscal and Financial Follow-Through

Dental Practice overheads are eating up profits.  Some practices are making more money only to find out that their profits are lower. 

Working harder and longer hours is not the answer.  Doctors are deferring retirement because they haven’t planned and/or saved.   And when they do retire, they can’t lead the lifestyle they want.

Let's get a handle on your finances by:

  • Evaluating current practice trends.
  • Doing overhead analysis
  • Profit optimization and allocation
  • Fiscal planning
    • Advisors
    • Tools
    • Resources

Transition and Exit Planning

Far too many dentists cannot retire when and/or HOW they want.  They spend their entire careers caring for others; yet neglect themselves and their family’s needs.  Your family, your patients and your staff rely on you to help them during a transition or exit. 

We seek to provide guidance to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Set up a time-focused plan
  • Promote strategies to maximize value
  • Help design systems to achieve transition/exit

Articles by Dr. Micheal Goldberg


Dr. Goldberg has been a contributor to several dental publications for many years. Read a few of his articles below.


Practice Perfect Systems and Dr. Michael Goldberg are one of the only practice coaching businesses to have earned the Ethical Influence Practitioner designation by the Cialdini Institute.

“While working with [Dr. Goldberg]  I have learned how vital communication is with not only my patients but with my team. He has helped develop systems to promote unity and develop a positive culture, and in turn my practice has run smoother and has become more profitable than ever before. Do not hesitate, contact Dr. Goldberg and your practice will thrive.”

Dr. Frank Henrich
Henrich Dental, Tulsa Oklahoma

“The information that you provided for me was invaluable. You helped me see things I would never have recognized on my own. Things I should use to advocate for myself in my practice buy out and what I should look for in my next endeavour.”

Dr. Kwolek
Centre for TMJ and Sleep Solutions

“The fact that Dr. Goldberg has already done what he talks about inspires me as a provider and I'm excited to get started on what I learned on Monday.”

Lecture Participant

“The presentation you gave this morning on marketing was the best, most succinct, comprehensive and insightful explanation on marketing techniques we need to use that I've seen in years. It's given me a lot of goals for the next few weeks that I think will really help my practice”

Lecture Participant

“I enjoyed how you were able to challenge us on what our core beliefs are in our practice and how to incorporate that into our marketing. That's going to really help me tailor my message to my patients based on that. The presentation was organized and clear and you cut right to the chase. I really enjoyed it!”

Lecture Participant

    The Liberated Practice

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    A unique membership program designed for your ENTIRE TEAM to help grow and shape the future of your dental practice.

    Liberate Your Practice
    Dr. Michael Goldberg

    Dr. Michael Goldberg

    Graduating Magna Cum Laude and elected to OKU from Tufts, Michael did a GPR and then entered Private Practice and Academia in 1977. He was on Faculty at Columbia University and New York-Presbyterian Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Medical Center for 30 years in many positions including Director of the GPR program and Director of the course on Practice Management.

    Michael built a prestigious group practice in Manhattan where he focused on comprehensive, whole-body care. As he treated so many physicians, his colleagues dubbed him “The Doctor’s Dentist.”

    He is a Fellow of the AGD, International Academy of Dental-Facial Esthetics, The New York Academy of Dentistry, the American College of Dentists, and a charter Fellow of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health.

    Michael teaches practice management at Temple University and speaks nationally and internationally on a variety of subjects. He and Practice Perfect Systems are the official practice management consultants to the Spencer Study Club, their Business Elite Groups.

    Michael has authored 3 books, including “What the Tooth Fairy didn’t Tell You”, “Beyond Ahh: A Guide For Physician’s” and “From Here To Where; a guide for dental practice success”. He’s recently had been the chief editor of a book on Sleep Dentistry written by 24 of North America’s finest dental sleep practitioners.

    Michael is on the board of 3 charitable organizations that help provide care for the indigent and people with special needs around the world.

    His mission: help people who help people help more people.


    Laurie Jay

    Laurie, who was trained and worked as a school teacher, began her dental career reluctantly in 1982 working part-time in Michael’s first private practice. She has a background in accounting from Columbia University and brings her fiscally savvy approach to private practice and consulting. She has worked for several types of practices including the “corporate style” practices while being employed by Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. She worked for Coaching Solutions as a consultant going to offices and providing analysis and offering solutions.

    Laurie is an expert in Front Desk management issues as well as accounting practices. She has a special interest in the prevention of embezzlement and other nefarious practices.

    She too loves spending as much time as possible with her children and grandchildren.