Take Your Dental Practice

To the Next Level

Increased Revenue, Better Patient Quality, More Effective Team Members
and So Much More!

Every Successful Dental Practice has One Secret: They Have an Outside Voice in Their Corner

The Liberated Practice Program is designed to help you quickly get back to doing what you do best: helping your patients. And even better, it brings your entire team into the fold so you can rest assured the entire office is on the same page.

5 Reasons YOU Must Become a Liberated Practice NOW.

  1. Today’s Marketing and Google Gimmicks are NOT Enough to Survive. Your Patients and Prospects DEMAND More! (and the private equity funded DSO’s can outspend and outlast you).
  2. It’s costing more and more to reach prospective new patients. Stop the madness.
  3. Every month, our member get a ROADMAP that any team member, manager or owner can implement.
  4. You, Dr. Practice Owner, can’t do this alone. Empower your team to help you.
  5. The only TRUE measure of your current and future success (as well as your bank account) is PATIENT LOYALTY.

If You're Not Doing This, Your Competition Will.

Inflation Will Make Everything More Challenging

“As goods and services become commoditized, the client/patient experiences that businesses create will matter most.”
-Harvard Business Journal



Bob Iger just returned as the CEO of Disney because the previous CEO took his eyes off the ball. Visitors to his gravesite said they actually heard Walt turning over. Disney became more focused on special interest groups and politics than on entertaining the customers they serve. And because of that, Disney lost $63 BILLION in market cap. Shareholders lost nearly 50% of their value.

As a Liberated Practice Inner Circle Member, you’ll learn how Bob Iger turned Disney around once as we’ll hopefully watch him do it again. Steve Jobs did the same magic with Apple. Lee Iacocca did it with Chrysler. Transformation is possible!

What is that Worth to You?


Let’s look at the statistics:

  • 80% of companies say they give a great experience…but only 8% of their customers think so.
  • 3 in 5 people would try a new brand or company for a BETTER SERVICE EXPERIENCE
  • 78% of Customers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase due to a poor service experience.
  • The national dental practice case acceptance rate is only 35%.
  • The national dental practice patient retention rate is 41%

As scary as these statistics are, they can be reversed.  They should NOT define you or your practice.  You can create a Culture of Positive Patient Experiences that your competition can never duplicate.

The Patient Experience is not a department.
The Patient Experience is every team member’s responsibility.
The Patient Experience is not an afterthought.
The Patient Experience starts way before a patient gets into the office.

So What Can YOU Do?  Where Do YOU Start?

You start right here.  As a Liberated Practice Inner Circle Member, you will discover the secrets that Nordstrom, Disney, The Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton have used to create experiences that enable them to:

  • Create Brand Loyalty
  • Have Price Flexibility
  • Reduce Marketing Costs
  • And so many other benefits

A Vital Warning

There are many imposters who talk the talk but have never walked the walk. Some are non-dentists seeking to capitalize on easy targets (Dentists). Some of these Rapscallions were dentists who now make more money teaching than they ever did while doing dentistry.

I not only talk the talk...
I've walked the walk

For over 40 years, I had one of the most successful practices in the most competitive dental market in the WORLD!  And, I was always FEE FOR SERVICE.  In fact, patients came from all over the World to see me.

I was not the best dentist in the world.  I was not the smartest dentist.  I wasn’t even the most hard working one.


It was ALL about the PATIENT EXPERIENCE, which I learned from non-dentist businesses (Nordstrom, Zappos, Disney, Ritz Carlton etc.) including the family’s fabric business, which was started in 1890 and is still ongoing. That’s how I was able to achieve the following.

  • The highest patient retention rate in Manhattan (according to Dentrix/Schein).
  • Never had a single down year despite 4 major recessions.
  • Incorporated new 6-figure/yr. therapies (implants, TMJ, Invisalign, Dental Sleep Medicine) without any insurance.


For the first ½ of my career (1977-2000), I did all of the above in one of the worst neighborhoods in Manhattan.

I didn’t start practicing in Midtown Manhattan, in the high rent district, until 2000.  Prior to that, I was in a rundown, downright scary apartment building in Washington Heights, where drug busts and murders were a common occurrence.

I needed something other than LOCATION to draw people in and keep them coming back. That secret was EXCEPTIONAL PATIENT EXPERIENCES.

It’s what kept famous people and billionaires coming to this decrepit building.

Imagine you’ve just sold your company of radio stations for 4.9 BILLION Dollars to Westinghouse. You could see any dentist in the world! But you’re told that this practice is the best around. It just happens to be in a SHIT HOLE! Gerald Carrus was probably the first Billionaire I cared for. He was far from the last, many would follow.

If I could do it in the combat zone, you can do it wherever YOU are!


Scary looking…YES? And my office was inside and to the right.

And still… they came.

Of course, when I moved to Midtown, on 57th Street and Madison Avenue, the patients’ experiences got even better. I used to joke that I couldn’t’ afford the stores in my neighborhood. 

My practice nearly doubled overnight!

  • IMAGINE. Commanding prices that are double, triple or even 5X your competitors.

  • IMAGINE. Your patients becoming your all-powerful marketing force.

  • IMAGINE. Your reputation being that of the BEST AROUND

  • IMAGINE. Patients coming to you even though they have to drive by dozens of other dentists.

  • IMAGINE. People actually looking forward to seeing you and being delighted to make their next appointment.

Stop Imagining, You Can Start Making it Happen Now!


But Michael, How Can I Do What You Did?
You Have 3 Options...

Option 1: Ignore this message.
Just forget you ever saw it and go back doing what you’ve been doing. Or keep on listening to all the marketers trying to sell you stuff they themselves never implemented.

Option 2: Try to figure this out on your own.
There are plenty of YouTube videos, books and even CE courses you can take. Then try to put them into place in your office with your team. The Trial and Error method is great if you have all the time and money in the world.
You have the time to educate, motivate and monitor your team don’t you?
You don’t need immediate results to increase your income? Do you?
You’re satisfied that things will improve by themselves. Won’t they?

Option 3: Join me.
Become a Liberated Practice Inner Circle Member now and start empowering your team to do most of the work for you. 


This Program is NOT For You if...

You’re not a team player
The people who get the most from this program are those who also enjoy helping others.

You’re Not a Serious Entrepreneur.
If you’re not HUNGRY for improvement, this will just be a waste of your time and money.

You’re a Bright Shiny Object Seeker.
This isn’t a piece of machinery that you can just plug in and watch it print dollar bills. This requires you and your team’s participation.

This is Exactly What Your Practice Needs Right Now



There is no other program on the market right now for dental practice owners that combines support for both the practice owner AND THEIR TEAM.

But that's exactly what you get when you sign up for The Liberated Practice.

YOU probably aren't the person who is going to collect and input the data. In
fact, if your practice is set up properly and you have not boxed yourself into a JOB, then other people will be involved in the data collection and possibly even analysis process.

In The Liberated Practice, your entire team gets access to:
  • Laser-Focused Monthly Webinars: one specific topic with a 20 minute question and answer period to get help with your unique problems.

  • In-depth Articles & Newsletter: that dive deep into the real reasons behind your practice's struggles

  • A Private Peer Group: never worry about your peers not understanding what you're going through. Community is a key component to growth.


The Benefits of The Liberated Practice Are Too Numerous to Count...
But Here Are a Few Highlights

BENEFIT #1:  Every Monday, you and your team will receive an Exceptional Patient Experience Newsletter with actionable items that will enhance your practice’s ability to deliver Exceptional Patient Experiences.

BENEFIT #2:  Every Month, we have a live webinar discussing timely topics to enhance communications, improve scheduling, increase case acceptance, market more effectively among other topics.  These webinars, along with an additional Fireside Chat with other coaches, are recorded and are available in our Member’s Vault.

Benefit 3:  Access to the Member’s Vault where we have archived all the webinars, so they can be viewed by any team member (some practices use them as training videos).  The Vault also contains ‘special reports’ that I’ve written and used over the years to enhance patient communication, intra-office communications and even stimulate referrals.

Benefit #4:  Private Facebook Page, which will enable Inner Circle Members to ask questions and interact with other, like-minded practices.

Benefit #5:  Members who pay the discounted annual membership will receive 2 complimentary, hour-long, one-on-one sessions with me, valued at $1,800.

Benefit #6:  During the Pandemic I wrote 2 more books; “From Hello To Hugs”, which is all about answering the phone and “The Physician Referral Magnet”, a revelatory book about how YOU too can create a practice that benefits from the best source of referrals possible, PHYSICIANS.   These books, as well as the live presentation I gave on the topic at Glidewell in November 2022, are available to you.

BONUS BENEFIT #1:  Part of Exceptional Patient Experiences include OVERDELIVERING.  I wholeheartedly believe in doing that with all my efforts.  So, Inner Circle Members will receive relevant and timely information that I glean from my many resources, dental and non-dental alike.  These will also be actionable items that can immediately help boost patient retention and satisfaction.

BONUS BENEFIT #2: You’ll also receive a WEEKLY BLOG, that goes out to a select group of dentists who pay at least $5,000 a year to get access to some of my material.


How Much Is The Liberated Practice Inner Circle Worth?

What’s the value of just one patient? What’s the dollar amount you would place on:

  • A New Patient
  • A Patient who leaves the practice
  • A Patient who stays with you despite the fact that you no longer accept their insurance as payment in-full?
  • A Patient who raves so much about your practice that they refer all their friends, family and colleagues?
  • A Happy, Highly Efficient, Reliable Team that doesn’t search the help wanted job sites.


Remember the dismal treatment plan acceptance rates around the country? Mine were 88%. Not perfect but a heck of a lot better than the 35% nationwide average.

That’s also a side-effect of Exceptional Patient Experiences.
Not a bad consequence, eh?

Well, to be honest, it’s also the result of the Physician Referral Magnet System you’ll read about when you join the program.


Michael Presenting the Physician Referral Magnet at SSC Live at Glidewell Headquarters, Newport Beach CA.

Don’t do this for YOU.

Do it for your team.  Show them that you care to give them the tools and support they need to enjoy themselves and improve their performance.

Listen to this team from Washington State talk about their experience with The Liberated Practice as Inner Circle Members.

choose your membership type


Month to month option, renews every 30 days automatically.




Get enrollment in Dr. Cialdini’s Ethical Influence program PLUS a bonus one-on-one strategy session!
(value of $2,785)



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment


Whichever you choose, it’s less than your morning Starbucks cuppa joe.

This program is like drinking a double-shot espresso, 2 RedBulls and a dose of Adderall, all in one, without the risk of tachycardia.

How Can I Afford That?

  •  Just prevent one patient from switching from you to your competition
  • Just convert one patient from your competition to you
  • Just convert one patient from satisfied to loyal enthusiast
  • Just commit one memorable action that gets talked about to friends, family, and colleagues
  • Just make one customer ecstatic
  • Just have one employee take one extra step (learned as an Inner Circle Member) to make one customer tell another.
  • Just prevent one employee from searching for a new office.
  • Just get ONE physician’s office to start recommending patients to you. (this alone can easily be worth over $1,000,000 over 10 years).

This program could easily be the best value in all of Dentistry. But you’ll never know, if you don’t show-up.


For those choosing monthly, just say stop. But we really want you to join for a year so you can get the additional bonuses and give the program time to see results, which might take a few months of attendance.

So, if you pay yearly, which we suggest, and you’re unhappy at any time, just let us know and we’ll stop the program for you and your team.

You Have Nothing to Lose...
And a Whole Lot to Gain


Everything You (and Your Team)
Gets in The Liberated Practice Program

  • Monthly Webinar with Q&A
    (recorded for your convenience)

  • Our Weekly Newsletter
    "Exceptional Patient Experiences"

  • Weekly Articles to guide your practice decisions

  • Private Peer Group

  • Access for your entire admin team

  • 25% discount on all Practice Perfect Systems products and services

  • Annual Members:
    TWO hour-long 1:1 Strategy Sessions valued at $1,800


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment


P.S.: Most practice owners wait until they are months away from shutting their doors until they take action. I've seen far too many talented and deserving dentists lose everything because they thought they could just figure it out themselves.

DON'T BE ONE OF THOSE DENTISTS! Your practice, your team, your future - depends on you taking action now to ensure your practice not only survives this economic upheavals - but thrives.

Yes, I want a thriving and growing practice!