March 22, 2020
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I’ve been a Dan Kennedy groupie since the late 70’s.  He’s been recovering from a major illness and has been at home for months.  God willing, he will fully recover.  God willing, we all will get through this.

I guess Dan could teach us all a few things about gratitude and perspective after having actually been in Hospice!

It was because I listened to people like Dan Kennedy that I was always ahead of the curve.  For instance, I started sending a newsletter to my patients in 1984.  It was called “Word Of Mouth”.

Fortunately, this newsletter allowed me to communicate SAFETY to our patients and CALMtheir fears during the HIV crisis in the mid to late 80’s.  It somewhat shielded my practice from the significant traffic slowdown that resulted from the fear that was generated.

How are YOU communicating to your patients?

Communication, as you’ll see below, is MORE important than ever.

Dan spoke with a friend recently and gave him some advice.  This friend, Parthiv Shah, has a marketing business.  Dan told him that during this time of crisis, he should find something that he can give away to his clients and prospects.

Again, sage advice from a master businessman.  Now he said, when everyone is concerned about a lack of income, is NOT the time to be selling.   Now is the time to be providing relief and comfort.

This is an US time not a ME time.  This is WARTIME.  And we’re all fighting a common enemy.

How we get out of this, is up to all of us.

I can hear it now; “But I’m in a service business and I have nothing to give away.”

That’s just not true.  You are a professional who has a great deal to give.  First of all, if your office is closed down and/or have a skeleton crew, GIVE AWAY YOUR PPEs to your local healthcare system.   They need it NOW more than you do.

Second:  Give away your expertise.

As a healthcare professional, YOU know what it means to practice infection control.  Such expertise makes you valuable now, more than ever.

If you are NOT in a high risk group, contact your local health department and ask how you can be of service.

Third:  Give away your KNOWLEDGE.

Think a bit and answer this question.  “What do I know about oral and overall health that could be of benefit to my patients who are at home?”

What are the “how do I” questions that are most commonly asked?

Make a list.

Then, make a video for each question, giving the solution.

Post these on your favorite medium.  Post them on Facebook, YouTube and on your website.

Fourth:  You can also give away COMFORT.  Forget email.  Look at your inbox.  It’s filled with people trying to communicate with you.  I bet that even your phone has been ringing with SPAM. It’s hard to communicate COMFORT in writing.

So how can you do that?  

If you have a communications program and have access to it remotely, use it.  

If you have access to phone numbers, call people.  Just ask them now they are.

Best, is to FaceTime or Skype with people.  During such times people need to see familiar faces.  Show them that smile!

You are a respected health care professional.  Use the confidence and trust people have in you to give away ENCOURAGEMENT.

Give that away too!

PPE, Knowledge, Comfort and Encouragement are what you should be giving away NOW.  The goodwill you will receive will be deposited into your account for later withdrawal.

To everyone’s health and safety,

Michael, Laurie and the Practice Perfect Systems team



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