September 23, 2019
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Whatever comes next, can’t be good.

This is a sentence, when spoken by an employee, immediately evokes a rush of adrenaline, a wave of nausea and a puckering of several sphincters.   At least it used to with me.

This conversation can rarely be good and have a pleasant ending.

The result is either “I’m leaving the practice”, “I have to change my hours” or “I NEED A RAISE.”

Has this ever happened to YOU?


There are many things YOU cannot control.  So, it behooves you to exercise control over those things you can.  And, the “I NEED A RAISE” conversation should be one of those controllable situations.

We recently spoke to a Doctor who told us of a problem that arose when a key employee (one of only 2), who had been employed for 18 months, asked for a substantial raise (30+%)!  It threw him into a spiral of confusion, frustration and despair.

We commonly visit dental practices that have NO true HR systems.  No standardized way (system) or schedule for hiring, training, performance evaluations and salary review.

Having a properly crafted and implemented HR system that included job description, benefits, regularly scheduled performance and salary reviews could have prevented such an unpleasant conversation that a practice destabilizing occurrence.  

Yet, many dental practices, especially those bought from older practitioners and those started from scratch are run like “Mom and Pop” shops.

In our experience Human Resources is often the most overlooked system in smaller dental practices.  Even in larger ones, where they are present, they are often not properly or regularly implemented.   The MOM and POP mentality can prevail, even in successful practices.

Without sound SYSTEMS, such practices will continue to promote destabilizing and even paralyzing situations and events.   The result is a toxic working environment populated by unhappy people.

Such practices, without SYSTEMS are not only  not readily SCALE-ABLE, they’re also less SALE-ABLE.

Most practices that plateau do so because of a lack of systems or a failure to implement them.

And having well-defined and well-implemented systems increases the VALUE of a practice to a potential buyer.  Buyers love and value “plug and play” practices.

Are YOUR systems working for you or against you?  

DO they support your vision?

Or, are they absent, antiquated, unimplementable?

In a brief, 20 minute, complimentary and RISK FREE call, PPS can help you answer these questions and better yet, set you on a path towards helping you realize your VISION!

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To your perfect success,

Michael and the PPS team

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Michael ran and sold a prestigious group practice in Manhattan and has been on Faculty at Columbia University and New York-Presbyterian Medical Center for 30 years including Director of the GPR program and Director of the course on Practice Management.

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