“Leave No Man Behind”

August 22, 2021
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This past week, America received a black eye as we failed to live up to this, a core principle of our country’s armed forces.

We’ve been publicly humiliated and shamed in the halls of our closest allies.  Our friends, our allies and even our citizens feel betrayed.  We left much behind aside from people and weaponry.  We left behind our humanity.

We seem to have ignored those who were relying on us for protection.

There are lessons to be learned from this public debacle and applied to your business and your practice.

We focus on new customer acquisition and impressing new patients.  We woo them, coddle them, and spend money on them.  And new patient flow is critically important.

All too often, we do this at the expense of existing patients.  We sometimes ignore them.  Sometimes, we ignore referral sources as well.


What do you think an existing patient thinks when the person who answers the phone doesn’t recognize that they’re an existing patient?  What do you think they think when they come into the office and aren’t greeted as a valued friend?  What do you think they think when they fail to hear from you between visits?  How do they feel about being valued?

They might feel abandoned, betrayed, and ignored.

The number ONE reason customers leave businesses is:  Perceived Indifference.

How can you prevent an Afghani-like debacle from playing out in your practice?

Communicate frequently
Communicate personally
Adopt a “No Patient Left Behind” culture.

Unsure how to implement such tactics in your practice and integrate it into your existing culture and systems?

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All good practices have one thing in common: Excellent Leadership.

It’s up to you to set the vision.  You are the Commander in Chief and everyone in your employ looks to you for guidance, motivation, and security.

Are you acting with purpose?

Are you communicating effectively?

Are you being the best YOU and encouraging others to be the same?

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The recent foreign policy catastrophe might be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. There’s a confluence of many factors that bode for choppy waters ahead:

1. Supply Chain interruptions
2. Employment challenges
3. Rising interest rates
4. Market volatility
5. Inflation
6. And continued Covid impact

As a leader, how are you confronting these and the other challenges you have?

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To your excellent clarity and success,


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