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Discover the Easiest Way to Make Sure your Reception is Bringing in New Patients... and Keeping Your Existing Ones!

Virtually no patient gets into your dental chair without interacting with your front desk.

When it comes to answering the new patient phone call and scheduling, the person responsible can make or break the relationship and either promote or derail the practice.

That’s exactly what I uncovered recently when I listened to a recording of a new patient call at a client’s practice. That single flubbed call, which you can listen to below, resulted in a net loss to that practice of over $155,000!

In many practices, this most critical position is occupied by the least experienced, lowest salaried and hence, least incentivized team member. The problem has been amplified because of the Pandemic and the ensuing employment crisis.

Compounded with a lack of training, the result is that most dental practices lose between 20-30% of the new patients trying to get into the practice. 

We sometimes jokingly refer to this as the “Sales Prevention Department”. But it’s no laughing matter.


Not only can a bad phone call prevent a new patient from receiving the care they need from you, but it puts a huge DO NOT REFER sign on your entire practice.

When a patient is referred by their friend, colleague, or family member, when they are sent by their physician, any interruption in the process will tend to get back to the source. The message that’s sent is “We don’t want your referrals”. And so, this source dries up. New patient flow dries up unless expensive marketing is done.

Even when marketing works, sending loads of qualified patients to your phone, the phone can be a choke point, preventing people from getting in. Poor phone management undermines and reduces the effectiveness and Return On Investment from marketing.

While this is such a common problem, most doctors are totally unaware of the subterfuge happening right under their noses. They aren’t hearing the problem.

Want a Scary Example?

This call was to a very successful endodontic practice, dependent on referrals. The person taking it was a 20+ year veteran.  She was also responsible for teaching others at the front desk.

The Doctors, until they heard this recording, would never have imagined that their referrals and referral sources were being mistreated like this.

Unless YOU record and listen to your calls, you don’t know if you have a Sales Prevention Department at work at your front desk.

But even if you do, you’re not trained at answering the phones either, even if you had the time to do it, which you don’t.

When I started listening to the calls in my clients’ offices, I was appalled. So, I wrote a book; “From Hello To Hugs; How to turn callers into raving fans.”

While the book is great and has many valuable resources, such as scripts and a scorecard, we know from studies that reading a book can, at most, result in an 11% benefit. So, if you have a $1,000,000 practice, the book alone could be worth over $110,000.

You Deserve Even Better

That’s why I’ve come up with 3 programs that can improve the patient experience and increase phone call efficiency by 30, 60 and even 90%.


What are others saying?

For this fee for service practice, enrolled in the Dental Phone Pro Plus program, the benefits have been:

  1. Shorten new patient phone time from 20 minutes to 5 minutes (75% less time).
  2. Effectively deal with the “insurance question”.
  3. Higher conversion rate from phone call to scheduled appointment.
  4. ZERO no-show rate for first appointments.
  5. Better conversion (acceptance) rate on Case Presentations.
What would these benefits mean to your practice?



The ultimate program to help the front desk (and anyone else who might answer the phone) achieve and maintain maximum phone call efficiency and conversion.

With two convenient options to choose from
(PLUS membership in the Liberated Practice included for free)
you can ensure your practice never loses another patient to a poor phone call.


Here are the options you have:


This a membership program geared to enhance the customer service in a dental practice through educating dental teams.  The Patient Experience tactics will enhance the practice’s culture and produce Happy Patients and a Happy Team

The program consists of:

  • The weekly Exceptional Patient Experiences Newsletter:  this will give a short example of how you can make patients happier.
  • The Coffee With The Coach Webinars:  Every month you will have access to 2 webinars, one live with Dr. Goldberg and one taped with a fellow coaching colleague, Eric Vickery.  These will focus on various topics of interest to team members.
  • A “by invitation only” FaceBook group:  This is a forum where members can interact with other members from around the country.  You can ask questions and get advice.
  • Access to the Member Vault:  This is a repository of previous webinars, newsletters, books, examples of marketing materials, blogs and other resources that you can swipe and use in your own practice.

The program consists of:

  • One Year membership in The Liberated Practice Program.
  • “From Hello To Hugs” training webinars:  These videos allow team members to learn about how to answer the phone.  These videos can be a part of both initial and continuous training.
  • Review of up to 4 new patient phone calls, with transcripts.  Each call will be scored, and a written report submitted.
  • One, 90-minute live ZOOM-based team training to help improve conversion from the new patient phone call to initial in-office appointment.

This is the ultimate and office-specific designed program to help the front desk and anyone else who might answer the phone achieve and maintain maximum phone call efficiency and conversion.

It consists of:

  • All of the above plus 3-months of zoom-based office training
  • Recordings of all training sessions so they can be reviewed and used to train new employees.
  • Customized New Patient Intake form
  • Secret shopping to assure phone call mastery.

Choose the best option for your practice:

The Liberated Practiced


Per Month

On-Going Membership

  • Weekly Exceptional Patient Experiences Newsletter
  • Monthly Coffee With The Coach Webinars
  • Private Facebook group
  • Hours of Training in Members Vault


Dental Phone PLUS


Per Month

3 Monthly Installments

  • Everything in Dental Phone Pro PLUS:
  • 3 months of live team training
  • Recordings of all training sessions
  • Customized New Patient Intake Form
  • Secret Shopping Service



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment


The single phone call heard above could have cost that practice over $150,000.  Not only did they lose 2 root canals, but the negative feedback to the referring dentist could have resulted in the loss of the 12 new patients a year this doctor referred to this practice.  If it was a more robust referrer, imagine the lost revenue!

The investment in any of these programs will result in better phone conversion rates.  Better phone conversion will result in more new patients from less marketing, saving money as well.

Dental Phone Pro is the missing link in most practices.  Don’t ignore this most ignored aspect of dental practice.  Your phones are the lifeblood of your practice.  Answering them properly is a skill that can be taught and learned.  Pick the level that is right for you at this moment or choose the one that will give the best result. 

You Also Have Another Option...


This is the fallback position most doctors choose.  The real issue with this position today, is that with inflation, if you’re not growing, you’re losing ground.  At 5% inflation, your $1,000,000 practice will lose $50,000 with such a strategy.

Decay isn’t just a disease of teeth, it’s a disease of businesses that fail to grow.  These programs are preventive dentistry for your business.

avoid decay... act now!

How many $155,000 phone calls are you losing?  How will you combat the decaying impact of INFLATION?

Invest in securing your practice and its new patient flow now. 

With increased competition, increased cost of marketing and increased practice overhead, making the most from what you’re already getting is a survival tactic not to pass up.

DO what other smart practices have done.  Get the help you deserve.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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