Why is it that; As My Practice Takes in More Money, I Take Home Less?

February 14, 2021
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It seems as if everyone else in the practice is doing better than ME!
I’m working longer hours and they get to leave.  
I’m working at night and even on weekends.  It’s never-ending.”
Everyone else can leave the office behind. I’m awake at night worrying.
Why is it that I’m working harder and I’m the only one in the practice who is taking home less money than last year?  

These and other complaints are heard more often since Covid-19 has entered the scene.


They are actually symptoms of a very common dental condition that I affectionately call Dentist CEO Viral Syndrome (DCEOVS).

The seeds of this disease are sewn at the beginning of a dentist’s career, when he or shehas to be the CHIEF EVERYTHING OFFICER.  It’s then that the DCEO virus stealthily enters a dentist’s DNA.

And, while that might work for some when the practice is young and small, having that DCEO virus in one’s DNA is difficult to shed as the practice grows.  Sometimes, as it matures it actually feels good because it’s seen as the facilitator of the initial growth and success.  That’s what makes it even more insidious and difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

Indeed, removal is wrought with danger and requires intensive DNA therapy.   Suppressing that strand of DCEO Viral DNA however, is a requisite for growth beyond “mom and pop shop” status.

What happens when the DCEO DNA expresses itself?

Symptoms include:

Failure to hire and/or empower management level employees
Staff turnover
More stressed.
Doctors spending way too much time away from family and other  social activities.
Lack of accountability
Failure to implement new systems

And eventually…

Frustration and Becoming Overwhelmed



So how can these and the other symptoms associated with Dental CEO Viral Syndromebe relieved?

There’s no pill, no magic potion.  There’s no poultice nor cream.

There COULD be a vaccine, but that would have to be administered during Dental School and its not. And, even it was, booster shots would be required to prevent recurrence.


The good news is that just because YOU have the viral DCEO DNA, doesn’t mean you’re doomed.  Its expression can be suppressed.

It’s not easy.  Nothing that’s built into our DNA ever is.  Yet, it is a requisite factor to smooth, guided growth and personal and professional success and fulfillment.

DCEO DNA suppression is necessary for you to:

Remove the entire burden of management
    o     So, you can take guilt-free, truly refreshing vacations
Get better employee productivity and accountability
    o     So, you can work smarter and not harder
Build a stable team
    o.    Eliminate staff turnover
Implement systems more effectively
    o     Increasing profitability
Have meetings that generate enthusiasm
    o.    Have a culture of success
Increase practice profit, not just revenue
    o.    So, you keep more of what you make
Reduce your stress
    o.    So, your non-practice life flourishes
Allow you to spend more time with family and friends
    o.    To feed your heart and your soul
Enable you to have more fun both in and outside the practice
    o.    So, you can ENJOY YOUR WHOLE LIFE and not just snippets of it.


HAPPINESS is NOT a far-off goal to be reached at some future point.  HAPPINESS along the journey is the objective.  So, the sooner the DCEO DNA is suppressed, the sooner you can breathe easier, live freer and be happier.

If this is what you want, then we should talk.  It’s free.  There’s no obligation and there won’t be a sales pitch.

Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day.   SCHEDULE NOW!

We can only help a select few doctors, who are worthy of our time, suppress their toxic DCEO DNA.

To your excellent clarity, success and HAPPINESS,

Michael, Laurie, Merideth and the PPS Team

P.S. Those BOOSTER shots mentioned above are what happens when you have a COACH, which is why every successful athlete has one.  They too have toxic DNA strands that need suppression.

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