What’s Your Plan B?

June 28, 2021
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Or even C?

The Pandemic had uncovered chinks in the armor of many businesses.  There were the supply issues (no toilet paper), the cash flow issue (EIDL and PPP) and now, lingering employment issues.

What are you to do?

I hope that you’ve learned your lesson about supply chain challenges and now have a ready cache of everything you might need should the supply train be halted.

I hope that you have learned that you need money and a ready supply of it too.  Do you now have a way of generating cash flow when your hands aren’t in someone’s mouth?  I certainly hope you’ve looked into a membership program.

And I hope that you’re not struggling with staffing issues.

Just like supplies and cash flow, a ready supply of PEOPLE who can implement your office systems is imperative when it comes to keeping your practice up and running at peak efficiency.

And yet, we know that many businesses, not just dental practices are suffering from an acute lack of employees.  The employment market has radically changed and you might feel at a loss as to what to do.

Here are a few strategies to deploy.

  1. Always be recruiting:  you never know when someone is going to get ill, move or just quit.  And, you never want to feel like you are HELD HOSTAGE by an employee.  So, always be on the lookout for talent.
    • Have an employment landing page.
    • Give out cards to patients and others you meet
    • Make up a Flyer for the positions you’re looking for and distribute to vendors and others who might have contact with your ideal employee market.
    • Offer a staff incentive for recruiting (not just hiring).
  2. Keep taking the pulse of your existing employees
    • Know their Happiness (job satisfaction) level
    • Run team building, out of the office, exercises.
    • Take them out to lunch once a month
    • Run periodic performance and satisfaction reviews (every 6-months).
    • Always ask for their input and then try not to ignore it.
  3. Have an OUTSOURCING a plan at the ready
    • List the systems that can be done remotely
    • Have a plan for how a system might be used remotely
    • Have all the technology at the ready to deploy such a plan.
    • Hunt for outsourcing options
  4. Dental CFO
  5. Billing
  6. Insurance verification
  7. Payroll
  8. Bills payable
  9. Membership
  10. Marketing

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