October 30, 2022
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We have been treated to low prices and an abundance of products from China. This ‘treat’ has had an addicting impact on the American consumer. Has it actually been a ‘trick’?

We’re becoming increasingly addicted to CHINA’s products and more.

What if this is purposeful? What if its strategic?

Take the Fentanyl that’s killing over 100,000 Americans a year. Where is it coming from? Who is making them look like Skittles? Isn’t that strategic?

Someone is waging war on susceptible, often younger, people in our Country.

And those devices that we’re all addicted to? Where do they or at least many of the components they’re made of come from?

Think dentistry has been immune? Think again.

Materials made in China account for 40% of the dental restorations here in the U.S. And when President Trump threatened to place a tariff on medical devices (which included such dental materials) the profession was in an uproar because it meant higher costs. And, many practices (and patients) have also become addicted to Insurance, therefore unable to compensate for higher costs.

“Let’s use that lab that advertises a $69 crown on ‘those’ cases.”

One of the largest dental laboratories, “Modern” has an office in Seattle, which is only a US front for its mega lab in Shenzhen, China. It’s popular because of its low-cost products.

Alibaba has hundreds of thousands of dental items for sale, which can be purchased by anyone. Some have the chutzpah to even promote FDA approval.

Tik Tok, another Chinese import, is also having an impact on the dental industry. Tik Tok videos that discuss how to avoid going to the dentist by using DIY (Do It Yourself) techniques have garnered 207.9 MILLION views as of this writing. Some even involve using a drill!

Think Inflation will make our profession’s dependency on low-cost products from China worse?

Think inflation might prompt some of your patients to watch a DIY TikTok video?

You betcha on both counts!

Whether this is a “TRICK OR TREAT” on the part of China or not, the impact of materials and ideas coming from China will impact every dental practice here in the US.

How can you protect yourself and more importantly, your patients, when price becomes the chief metric used to value a product or service?

It’s our professional responsibility to be the educators to the public and not just providers of dental services. And IMHO, we’ve abrogated that responsibility.

If the Government, the ADA, AGD, NDA, AADSM or other groups with national reach can’t or won’t take on this public health advocacy role, how can individual dentists make an impact?

COMMUNICATION, otherwise known as MARKETING, is the answer. And as any marketer knows, each ‘market’ is unique, which, when communicated properly, can give individual dentists an edge over the larger entities.

Now is the time to be proactive in promoting the true VALUE of the services you render. To a patient, it’s only about the price when the value and true outcome isn’t clearly communicated. So, in every communication, whether it’s in person, via phone, email or text, VALUE should be promoted. And one of those VALUES might be that what you provide is TRUST, CONFIDENCE and SECURITY.

During uncertain economic times, what’s more valuable than knowing that money being spent is going to accomplish what it is intended to? TRUST, CONFIDENCE and SECURITY should be the message. The result? Happier, Healthier, and less financially focused patients.

Why not have some of your communication evaluated? Are you communicating something other than PRICE to your patients? Are you doing it effectively?

Or are you being TRICKED into a false sense of communication?



To fewer tricks and more treats,
Happy Halloween,

P.S. I hope to see many of you at SSC Live this coming week in Newport Beach, where I’ll be presenting a synopsis of my new eBook; The Physician Referral Magnet.

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