The Right Questions

October 6, 2019
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Everyone knows how important REVIEWS are.  Did you know that Patient video testimonials are becoming more and more important?  YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.  As Google owns YouTube, searches that have videos attached are becoming more highly ranked.

So, how do you make a compelling testimonial video?

There are 2 main ingredients.  I won’t get into the technical or production issues here.  I’ll just focus on what YOU or your staff can readily do.

1. Choose the right interviewee or subject.


2. Ask the right questions.


Dr. Robert Cialdini, in his book “Influence” discusses the factors that make people “listen” to others.  One of these is the principle of  “Like-ability”.  

People gravitate towards people who look like, sound like and act like them.  It seems simple.  You are less “fearful” of people like YOU.

So, in choosing a testimonial subject, the first question to be asked is, “does this person represent my target market or ideal patient?”

You haven’t defined your “ideal” patient or market?

Well, get on it, because that just might be even more important than testimonials or videos.  That affects all your marketing.

Who you attract and conversely, who you repel, will make a huge difference in your case acceptance rate.  This is just another example of the connectivity between everything involved in marketing.  Attracting the right patients means everything.

You attract what you put out.  Be Mindful.”  Alexandra Elle

The bottom line is; choose a patient for a video testimonial who represents the type of patient you want to attract. Who is your PATIENT AVATAR?  What do they look and sound like?  This IS VIDEO and people will look at a person first and then listen to them second.  IF they can’t get passed the visual, the auditory will fall on deaf ears.


Here again, the goal is to elicit information that a prospective patient would want to know.  Your “ideal” patient comes into play here too.

You want your patient-prospect to “like” the person their watching and to relate to their problems.  You want the person watching to think; “this person had the same issues I have and this doctor helped him/her resolve them.”

So, what are the problems you want to be known for solving?

Ask the following 4 questions:

1. What originally brought you in to see Dr.________? (The answer to this should be the same as the answer to the above question)
2. Why was dealing with that important to you?
3. What was Dr. ________ able to do for you?
4. How has that changed your life?

How long should it be?

My answer is that is that it can be as long as it takes to tell the story as long as it is compelling and captures the intended audience’s attention.   It can be 30 seconds or 30 minutes.  

I’ve personally heard patients say how their lives had been changed by a simple sleep appliance.  Imagine if you’re having sleep issues and search for dental appliances and hear someone tell how the one YOU made has changed his/her life.  

Want to do more sleep appliances?  Catch the right person on video.  Ask them the 4 questions.  Then consult your marketing expert to show you how to put in the proper titles when you post it to Facebook, YouTube and put it on your Google Business page.

Want to learn more about Sleep and TMD?  Join the Spencer Study Club.

Oh, and by the way; please get the appropriate release!

Wishing you all excellent success and health,

Michael and the PPS team

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