July 9, 2023
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While archeologists are quick to point out all the mistakes in the various Indian Jones films, they are also the beneficiaries of the popularity of these films.  After the release of each film, college enrollment in archeology courses rise.  Archeology departments and the excavations they promote benefit from increased funding.  Indian Jones sparks the interest of both young (students) and old (donors).  Such is the power of the media.  Are you using this powerful force to benefit your patients and your practice?

In recent years, there have been several opportunities to do, what is unfortunately referred to as “headline hijacking”.   This is using the popularity of a news story by gaining the attention of the audience to promote something different.   And, as in most marketing, influence, and persuasion strategies, it can be used for good or evil.  I’d prefer to call it the “Indy Effect” and use it effectively and ethically.

Let’s talk about a good use; getting physicians to prescribe Oral Appliance Therapy.

Why does big Pharma advertise medications to the public that can only be gotten through a physician’s prescription?   What do these wealthy companies know that YOU do not?

They know that often, it is the tail that wags the dog.  Doctors will do what patients ask for.  Increasing awareness of a disease entity will also increase patient visits and prescriptions.

It would be nice if dental organizations promoted Oral Appliance Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea but that’s not likely to happen.  So, YOU should take the responsibility of promoting  OAT into your own hands.

How can you use the Indiana Jones effect?

Recently, President Biden was photographed with obvious headband markings on his face.  The media picked this up and the fact that the President wears a CPAP was all over the news.  It promoted the issue of Sleep Apnea and yet another downside of the “gold standard” CPAP.

Who wants a “Biden Face”?  Who wants strap marks that might take hours to dissipate?  Who wants to have to remove a mask when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night?  There are loads of negative “who wants” with CPAP.

Together with the continuous problem with CPAP recalls, chip shortages and lack of compliance, there’s plenty to promote an alternative therapy.  Inspire does a great job of this.  Dentistry, a poor one.

YOUR use of the “Indy Effect” depends on your market.  It depends on whether you are a general dentists or have a limited practice.  It depends on the relationships you have in the Medical community.  IT DEPENDS.

And this “DEPENDS” is what holds most dentists back.  They’re not marketers.   And the big marketers can’t afford to cater to the less than 20%.  Instead, they target the 80+%, which means they can never be as effective as someone who takes the time to analyze YOUR unique and individual needs.

Want a strategy session to uncover the potential in YOUR market?

Confusion is necessary for growth.  It’s a prerequisite for seeking a solution.

Turn your confusion into a solution.  Schedule a 20-minute STRATEGY SESSION in July (I’m traveling most of August) so September will become the springboard to a new plan that will get you the results you want and deserve.

Best, when you succeed, it means that more people are being helped.

Helping people is why we went into this profession.  Too bad they didn’t teach more than just the clinical skills.

Get help now so you can help more people!


P.S.  Anyone scheduling a 20-minute STRATEGY SESSION during July will receive access to Dr. Robert Cialdini’s webinar on how small changes can cause BIG results.

And, if you’ve never heard of Dr. Cialdini, please read his book INFLUENCE.  It’s one of the 2 business books that made the biggest improvement in my practice.

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