The Dance Floor

May 17, 2020
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At a ZOOM-Board meeting this week of The Alliance For Oral Health Across Borders, one of the members, said something that is relevant to many of us as we begin to return to work.

Dr. Bruce Donoff, the former Dean of Harvard’s Dental School, is one of the smartest people I know. His analogy about perspective is worth repeating.  He said that “when you’re on the dance floor, it’s hard to get a view of what’s happening around you.”

So many are so focused on the dance floor and not tripping over their feet during the dance, that they loose perspective.

During this Covid-19 “Time Out”, we’ve been banned from the DANCE FLOOR.  When we get back into the office, we’re again stepping back onto the DANCE FLOOR.


Certainly, while we’re in a treatment room, we loose perspective.  While we’re busy implementing new infection control protocols, new workflow patterns and dealing with the financial as well as other business issues, we run the risk of becoming even more isolated on the Dance Floor.   The dance steps we’re now being asked to execute are become more complex andrequire more attention.  We run the risk of loosing a Birdseye or 360º view, even if we previously had one (which most practices lacked).

So why is having a more global, birdseye view important?  What’s the problem with focusing your attention on the DANCE FLOOR?  After all, that’s where we make money!

No one practices in a vacuum.  There are a myriad of outside forces that impact our practices such as economic, regulatory, political and social issues that all affect us.

Being able to react to these complex, impactful forces in a post-Covid world is going to be increasingly necessary as the aftermath and fallout from this Pandemic plays out.

The challenge is one of BANDWIDTH.  How can you learn the new dance steps, dance on the dance floor and keep your eyes on the multiple, complex factors that impact the dancers, the dance floor itself and the room around it?

Now, more than ever, the value of having a trusted advisor, someone who, without the emotional, physical and time entanglements of a complex dance, who can help guide and advise you should be apparent.

While most dentists were focused on SBA, PPP and other funding, getting PPE’s and establishing new protocols, communicating with patients and dealing with staffing issues, all vital DANCE FLOOR activities, we at Practice Perfect Systems have been looking at the Birdseye view.  

We have a different perspective, one that could be extremely valuable to you and your practice.

We would love to share our view and discuss how it impacts you and how you can react in ways that assure your full and complete recovery.

Our Ebook, Practice Reboot is a generalized treatise.  For more personal and hence, effective recommendations, please schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation through our website and grab a copy of the Practice Reboot Ebook while you’re at it.

To everyone’s excellent health, safety and wellness,

Michael. Laurie and the PPS team

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