Summertime Marketing Blues?

August 28, 2022
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Some say that marketing in August is a waste of time. And for most dental marketing, they would be correct. That’s because most dental marketing sucks and is often a waste of time in any season. But it doesn’t have to. It all starts with identifying your target audience and then crafting a headline that speaks DIRECTLY TO THAT AUDIENCE.

Most dental marketing tries to speak to too broad an audience. The result? It effectively speaks to no one.

Let’s say that you’re promoting an amazing and effective treatment that can relieve constipation. If you’ve never been clogged, you’re lucky. But for those who spend more time on the throne than they’d like, being regular is a blessing.

If you’ve ever had a hard time of it, which of these HEADLINES would attract your attention?

Constipation Cure
Want to be more regular?
Miracle Remedy to unclog you.

Or, what about this one: this makes your poop slide out effortlessly each morning.

I’m sure that a split test would result in the POOP headline getting a higher open rate.

When it comes to emails, it’s all about defining your target market and open rates. That’s what a HEADLINE or subject is meant to do; capture the attention of the right person and encourage further investigation.

So, moving up north from poop, what are the dental headlines you’re using or have seen used.

Whiter Teeth?
Want Fresher Breath?
You’re overdue for your dental examination!
Want better sleep?

Are any of these effective?

What’s the open rate?

Have you, or your marketing company done a split test against different headlines for your market? That’s really the only way to truly know if one SUBJECT is superior to another.

What about:

Do you have to squish a Subway sandwich?
Does your jaw cracking mean anything?
Yellow teeth?
Does someone want you to put your mask back on because of your breath?
Can’t tolerate CPAP?

Test these on the appropriate audience, and I guarantee your open rates will be significantly better.

I have personally had several emails with open rates in the 50 and 60 %’s. That’s nearly unheard of in email marketing, where a ‘good’ open rate is considered to be 17-28%. While in practice, our open rates averaged in the mid to high 30’s. That’s because I knew my audience and trained them.

Yes, you can (and should) train your audience. But that’s for another time.

To get my secret, 50-60% open rate subject lines, and more, you’ll have to join Coffee With The Coach. These email subject lines will make people clammer to open your emails and begin the training process so that they’re looking forward to your next email.

But email subject lines are only a miniscule part of  Coffee With The Coach. The real value is in how it can help educate and motivate your TEAM.

You see, most practice management programs are aimed at the Doctor, and their Teams are treated as a sidecar. This program is designed specifically for the teams, with the Doctor as the tag-along.

That’s because so often, we hear Doctors complaining about a failure to implement. That’s because the doctor relies on authority rather than on collaboration. By involving the entire team, collaboration and teamwork is encouraged.

Plus, the motivation of any Coach is to see his/her players excel so the entire team wins. Isn’t that what YOU want too?

Join Coffee With The Coach today and get your emails opened up and your team revved up too.

To your excellent clinical and marketing success,

P.S. Don’t know your open rates? That’s a problem with the system you’re using to send out emails. If your marketing person/company doesn’t provide you with such information…maybe its time to look for a new one. I might know some.

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