Individual Marketing Campaign Evaluation

Need help identifying how your marketing can improve?
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Would you hire a BUILDER without an ARCHITECT to build a multimillion-dollar house?

Would you not have a home you want to purchase inspected by a professional prior to moving in?

Wouldn’t you be worried that the foundation might not support the structure that relies on it?

Could the roof collapse?

Or, that there might be toxic mold or radon gas present that could shorten yours or the other inhabitants’ lifespans?

Yet, that’s what most dentists do with their practices!

They rely on strangers to build their websites, create ads, generate postcards and other marketing material without the advice of a professional who has studies the art and science for over 15 years, with some of the best Marketers IN and more importantly, OUT of dentistry.

Yet for many, marketing is the lifeblood of the practice.  It’s the source of New Patient Flow, the key ingredient in a practice’s foundation and support.

I hate seeing dentists, work extraordinarily hard for their money, throw it away on ineffective marketing.  Here are just a few common examples, regularly seen.

  1. Having a website that looks like every one else’s and doesn’t capture leads.
  2. Spending lots of money on SEO and Google ads only to get shoppers and unqualified “lookyloos” calling their office and wasting precious time and resources.
  3. Spending lots of time and/or money on social media without any results.
  4. Engaging marketing “specialists” who work with anyone, even their competition.
  5. Not monitoring results to see what works and what doesn’t.


Our unique Marketing Evaluation services helps practices identify opportunities for improvement in their marketing and getting the RESULTS they deserve.  Get the evaluation before spending 10’s of thousands of valuable DOLLARS on your marketing.

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STOP wasting money on ineffective marketing.  Websites that don’t convert, Ads that bring in the wrong patients.

Need help with marketing to get new patients? You’re not alone. In fact, every practice has a different approach but there are some tried and true methods for getting your materials noticed in the sea of marketing that’s out there.

Our Marketing Evaluation is designed to be an objective review of your practice’s current advertising and offers suggestions on how you can improve your marketing or advertising material elements so you’re spending money in ways that provide significant results.

Each Marketing Evaluation allows your practice to get a video review of one, single piece of printed or digital marketing (excluding website pages, for that, see below).

Some examples of what you can submit are:

  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • EDDM
  • Facebook or LinkedIn ads
  • Magazine or Newspaper Ads
  • Valpack
  • Hiring Ads

Your Marketing Evaluation will be delivered in written and video format, so that you can use it as a reference whenever you’d like.

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