Comprehensive Marketing Analysis

Want insights into what marketing is bringing in the most patients?
$ 1,879.00

Get a comprehensive analysis of all your marketing.

Because a well-designed marketing plan allows the multiple components to work synergistically, compounding the effects, this program is immensely valuable, saving practices thousands of dollars in costs while generating increased results in bottom line people in the door or treatment acceptance.

It includes an evaluation of how and why patients are (or are not) responding to each of your marketing channels – be it print, direct response, Facebook Ads, or your website.

The Comprehensive Marketing Analysis is designed to be an overall analysis and critique of your existing (or proposed) and even previous marketing efforts.

If you are less than satisfied with the results you’re getting, this will tell you WHY as well as give you concrete recommendations as to how to fix the problem.

Using the message-market-media-timing-messenger formula as a key framework for evaluating all aspects of marketing activity, you’ll gain insights into which channels and tactics are working best, which least.  Which campaigns to CEASE and DESIST and which to resurrect.  What efforts to put more money into, and which to avoid altogether.

Your marketing analysis will be delivered in a taped, video format that you can watch as many times as needed to make improvements in your messaging and execution across all online and offline communication channels.

This is a comprehensive evaluation.  Because of the comprehensive nature and the fact that a good marketing program will give you a competitive advantage in YOUR MARKET, we limit this service to just ONE SINGLE PRACTICE in a defined (as reasonably as possible, by us) area.   That bears repeating.


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