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“Every day is a new opportunity to help more people. I want to help you do just that, with less stress, less effort and more profit.”


Your Practice Should Not Only Survive... it Should Thrive


It's not your fault you're struggling to run a successful practice...  you were taught how to treat patients, not run a business!
Luckily, over the last 40 years, I've discovered simple and effective methods to grow a practice through every stage of business, and I'd love to share them with you so can get to the next level.



How Can I Help?


Curating the people in your sphere of influence is a key to happiness and growth. Learn how this process works in your practice though hiring an “A” team.

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Getting Great Patients

Attracting a steady flow of new patients who are excellent fits for you practice doesn’t happen by accident. Learn the secrets of magnetic patient attraction.

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Business Strategies

Success doesn’t happen by accident. Economic and other trends change. Learn proven strategies of adaptation and growth.

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Getting to Yes

Treatment acceptance is the key to making any investment pay off. Yet, national acceptance rates are pathetic at only 35%. Learn the magic of Ethical Persuasion.

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Competition is increasing and patients can't tell if your practice is the perfect one for them. Learn how you can stick out of the crowd.

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“While working with [Dr. Goldberg]  I have learned how vital communication is with not only my patients but with my team. He has helped develop systems to promote unity and develop a positive culture, and in turn my practice has run smoother and has become more profitable than ever before. Do not hesitate, contact Dr. Goldberg and your practice will thrive.”

Dr. Frank Henrich
Henrich Dental, Tulsa Oklahoma

“The information that you provided for me was invaluable. You helped me see things I would never have recognized on my own. Things I should use to advocate for myself in my practice buy out and what I should look for in my next endeavour.”

Dr. Kwolek
Centre for TMJ and Sleep Solutions

“The fact that Dr. Goldberg has already done what he talks about inspires me as a provider and I'm excited to get started on what I learned on Monday.”

Lecture Participant

“The presentation you gave this morning on marketing was the best, most succinct, comprehensive and insightful explanation on marketing techniques we need to use that I've seen in years. It's given me a lot of goals for the next few weeks that I think will really help my practice”

Lecture Participant

“I enjoyed how you were able to challenge us on what our core beliefs are in our practice and how to incorporate that into our marketing. That's going to really help me tailor my message to my patients based on that. The presentation was organized and clear and you cut right to the chase. I really enjoyed it!”

Lecture Participant

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    Practice Perfect Systems aims to help dental practitioners succeed in this ever changing and tumultuous business environment. With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Michael Goldberg provides practical and innovative strategies to help you grow your practice.

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    Practice Perfect Systems and Dr. Michael Goldberg are one of the only practice coaching businesses to have earned the Ethical Influence Practitioner designation by the Cialdini Institute.