Generate A Steady Stream of the Right Patients To Fill Your Schedule 

presenting An exciting new sYSTEM for dental practices

Watch the video below to see Michael's interview with mLive founder Adam Witty:


mLive has put together a fantastic video showing exactly how you can get big results from your Practice's marketing without the headaches associated with having to become a marketing expert, hiring a fancy agency or learning a single thing about Google or Facebook - all while saving you money, giving you control and your time back.

Imagine being able to:

Easily launch a marketing campaign for your dental practice in under 15 minutes which delivers new cases and patients for your practice for the entire month.

Quickly re-activate patients who are sorely in need of visiting your practice or overdue for a visit. Our reactivation campaigns will drive patients to your chair and back to great dental health.

Our library of campaigns are designed by marketing professionals who understand how to create new cases and promote new services, without you having to write a single word of copy.

"I've been in marketing for 35 years and this is the best-written copy and content I've ever seen for dental consumers. We were very impressed by the various campaign topics, turnkey emails, and social media posts alike. Marketing automation is not a new phenomenon but other software claims to have the "best content" when it's all the same redundant, recycled material. mLive provides thought-provoking, original content that's specifically tailored to get our prospects and patients off the fence and in the chair."

John Healy  //  Marketing Manager / Personal Care Dentistry

“I had to call and have you send my leads to my admin after getting 18 appointment requests in 24 hours, I couldn’t keep up…”

Dr. Steven Markow  //  MD Family Dental Care

Take the first step to unlock the power of your Practice's marketing system by watching this quick 4 minute video.

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