February 12, 2023
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The Super Bowl is a Super expensive marketing opportunity to reach the more than 100 MILLION viewers.  This year, 2 commercials have already caused a “CONTROVERSY”?

The “HE GETS US” campaign slots are being ridiculed, mocked, and derided by some.  What’s their beef?  Here are some comments.

“Linked to conservative causes.”
“It’s not authentic.”
“There are a lot more Jesus-y things that could be done with that money.”
“The campaign has connections to anti-LGBT and anti-abortion laws.”
“It’s Big Money Marketing of Jesus.”


Today, the ability of anyone with an opinion (myself included) and half a brain (hopefully not me), to spout any nonsense, poses a real challenge.  Who should you believe?  How can you judge marketing more objectively or be immune to it altogether?

Why should you care?

EVIL can be promoted just as readily (if not more so), than GOOD.

Maybe, you should believe the Soft Drink companies, Chip manufacturers, Alcohol purveyors or Candy hawkers that promise joy and happiness by linking themselves to famous athletes and celebrities?

Why isn’t there controversy over marketing potentially addicting consumables that are linked to the epidemics of chronic health issues associated with intake of these foods?  Where’s the outrage over these company’s contribution to our nation’s more than $4 TRILLION healthcare bill?  Where’s the outrage over the 32 people killed every single day in America by drunk drivers?

What about the addictive gambling site commercials?

But JESUS????   Oh, that’s BAD!

The utter hypocrisy is astounding.

Marketing EVIL to dentists is proliferating at an alarming pace.  Several examples in the Dental Sleep realm have caught my attention.  One is by an “Institute” that is now also promoting a DSO-like model.  Another is by a marketer pushing DSO’s to incorporate Dental Sleep.

These marketing campaigns are well funded and well executed.  BUT THEY PROMOTE EVIL, which is why it’s so important to be a wise consumer of marketing.

Aside from being a winner in the SSC SUPERBOWL COMMERCIAL CONTEST, that I posted on FB Friday, I would ask that you pay special attention to the “HE GETS US” commercials.

While this Jew is fine promoting Jesus’ values, I would like you to focus on the influence and persuasion principles they are using to drive the message home and to the audience they are speaking to.

This is an example of brilliant marketing for a worthy cause; VALUES.

This is an almost perfect example of how to use the Market-Message-Media formula, I teach.

In the Liberated Practice Program’s monthly Coffee With The Coach webinar, I’ll be continuing our discussion of marketing and how YOU can use similar principles in your communications (for GOOD), while not doing traditional marketing.  It’s a process I call DBS-Marketing Don’t Be Stupid), and I’ll be sharing my UN-Orthodox approach to getting extraordinary results on February 24th.

Non-members will only be able to watch it live.  Or you can spend $97 for one month, listen to the recording and get immediate access to more than $10,000 worth of content in the member’s vault.

Want to cut your marketing costs?

Do you want to get more new patients from the same marketing dollars?

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And, have fun watching those Superbowl commercials.


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