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February 26, 2023
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David Orek, a great American, passed away on February 15th at age 99.  After flying in B-29 Bombers in WWII, he became a salesman for the RCA company, who at the time, had a failed vacuum cleaner business in New Orleans.  Orek moved there and studied the design of the vaccum cleaner and then analyzed the market. He eventually formed his own family’s vacuum company.  

David Orek was a marketing genius.  He understood that even if you have the best product, it’s the marketing that makes it sell.  He reasoned that people would trust vacuums that were proven in the heavy-duty hotel industry.  So, he first sold his vacuum cleaners to hotels.  He used the strategy; “If can work there, it can certainly work for you.”  His Unique Value Proposition was clearly articulated; Lightweight and Dependable.

He showed pictures of small women in hotels, carrying the lightweight (8lb.) vacuum cleaners around.  Then, he debunked the notion that such a light machine could pack the sucking power to be effective by showing one of the most memorable scenes in marketing history.

Cowboy David, lifting a 16lb bowling ball.

Orek also understood that when one product is trusted, the trust is transferred to other products because of a BRAND promise.  So, he made other products like air purifiers and stem mops.

Orek’s genius was in his ability to understand the challenges his market (housewives) faced and to show actual ways his products overcame them, by actual demonstration.  In short, he didn’t just TELL THEM…he SHOWED THEM.

But wait…there’s more.

He also understood the power of the money back guarantee.  And so, his products all came with one.  In fact, his was the first vacuum brand that came with a Limited Lifetime Warranty”.

How can you use some of David Orek’s strategies in your own practice?


Do you understand the challenges faced by your patient-prospect market?
Do you have a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) that will resonate with your market?
Do all your prospects, referrers, and team members know your UVP?
Could you demonstrate a treatment’s effectiveness?
Could you offer some sort of “limited warranty”?


If the answer to all the above isn’t a resounding YES, then GOOD NEWS!

You have a great opportunity to grow your practice.

You can hear some of my unconventional marketing ideas on a podcast I recently did with Dental Marketing Genius, Nina Herschberger.

Go To The Podcast.

For those who treat patients with clear aligners, TMJ, snoring or sleep apnea, I have an “OREK” idea that can double your case acceptance rate.

Want to hear it?  I’ll be sharing it during March’s Coffee WithThe Coach webinar.  It’s a program you cannot afford to miss.  So keep an eye out for the announcement.


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