It Was Just Breakfast…

July 17, 2023
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But it turned into so much more.  I had the pleasure of watching my friend, private client,and mastermind member Kip Covington at work last week.  While I watched him at “work” in his practice, it was when we went out to breakfast that I witnessed the magic.

Three of us were seated at a table in a diner in Greenville.  The table was next to a row of booths, all of which were filled with customers.  As my wife and I were perusing the extensive menu and commenting on what looked good, Kip’s ear is tilted towards the booth next to us.  Then he turns to us and says, did you hear what they’re talking about?”  

Both Laurie and I have a common hearing loss issue, when there’s a lot of ambient noise, it’s hard for us to hear unless we’re looking directly at you.  We heard Kip just fine but never picked up on the sleep conversation the 3 people in the booth were having.

Kip excused himself from the table and said, “I’ll be right back.”  We figured that he went to the restroom.

A few minutes later, Kip comes back with his Sleep book and a business card.  He walkedright passed our table and straight to the booth.   He apologized for the interruption, saidthat he couldn’t help but overhear the conversation and then handed them his book, which he had retrieved from his truck.

It turned out the 2 men and one woman were engineers who work on wind turbines, which a South Carolina-based company designs and builds.  They each suffered from sleep apnea. One wore a CPAP the other 2 just suffered.  What Kip overheard was the CPAP wearer teaching the others about sleep, even as he was enumerating CPAP’s inconveniences during his fishing trips. The men came from Colorado, but the woman was local.  As they got up to leave, she stopped by our table, turned to Kip and said,“Guess I’ll be seeing you soon.”

Those of you who know Kip might think; well, that’s just Kip.  He’s Mr. Knows Everybody”.  And, you would be correct, except that’s not what happened here.

While Kip is extroverted to the max, he did something that even most extraverts do not do.  His radar was attuned to OPPORTUNITY and his was unafraid to take action.

In this case, an opportunity to get a referral.  If not a referral for him, then just to educate and get a referral for a colleague in Colorado!

Being attuned to opportunity is something anyone can do if they put their mind to it and have their radar tuned on the right setting.  For most of us, that requires training.

Along with training comes the coaching that can remove the fear associated with approaching someone and helping influence them.  While I coach Kip on business and leadership skills, when it comes to building referral networks, he’s got that down pat!

Dr. Robert Cialdini, the most widely quoted psychologist studying the principles of Influence in the world, teaches just how to use those principles.  It’s why I was so excited to join his team of professional, ethical influencers and get certification, through The Cialdini Institute.

I am thrilled that as a Certified Professional, I can offer you and your teams the benefit ofhis training too, tailored to dental practices.

Not everyone can be like Kip, tall, handsome, and exceedingly charismatic.  Maybe that’syou or maybe it’s not.  It’ doesn’t matter.  Everyone has gifts.   This training can help anyone get the same results by being just as attuned to opportunities, and unafraid to present the benefit of your services to others.

What would you have done at such a breakfast?  Some would have just sat, smirked and possibly laughed at the conversation and done nothing.  And, what if the woman who will soon be seeing Kip suffered a stroke as a result of not getting the help she obviously needed?

We have a professional responsibility not to keep our gifts and knowledge to ourselves.  We MUST minimally offer to help others.  The Principles Of Influence are tools anyone can use to take what they know and can do and put them into action to the benefit of all.

Next week I will be starting a NEW WEBINAR SERIES discussing Dr. Cialdini’s principles of influence and how they can be harnessed to benefit the dental practice teams.

No other than “The Oracle Of Omaha”, Warren Buffett has said that Dr. Cialdini’s book “INFLUENCE” is one of the most important, if not THE most important book any businessperson could read.

This WEBINAR is more beneficial than reading the book, which you should do anyway.  This webinar will give you several immediately actionable, ethical tactics that will:

1. Increase referrals without having to spend a dime on marketing.
2. Decrease those pesky and costly “No shows” and last-minute Cancellations.
3. Keep follow-ups and hygiene recalls coming back without prompting.
4. Get patients to pay their bills without more work from your front desk.


Come to the WEBINAR yourself or have the entire team attend.  Office managers will benefit most from the magic of influence, as they can spread the word to the rest of the teams.  But it’s always best to “hear it from the horse’s mouth.”


I am so sorry! This WEBINAR will be recorded (not sorry about that!), but the recordingis only available to members of The Liberated Practice Program.  And, if you do attend, and want to join this program so you won’t miss the other “magic influence” packed webinars that are given every month and all the other profit-producing, patient experience-enhancing and team-lifting webinars, then during this webinar you’ll also be given an opportunity to join at the lowest possible price, which will only be available to current members and viewers of this webinar.

Can’t join this WEBINAR? Book a One-On-One Strategy Session with me and you can get the same offer.

Turn on your opportunity-radar now!   The upcoming webinar is such a chance to get easy, simple and magical ways to get you to where you want to go.

Perhaps the best part of this Ethical Influence, Radar Identification System is that once it’s learned and used, it is a FOREVER GIFT.

And, even if YOU, the practitioner doesn’t use it, if your team does, you will get all the benefits, happy patients, happy staff, and a bigger bank account!

So what are you waiting for?  A personal invitation from Warren Buffett or CharlieMunger?  REGISTER NOW!

Not only does “the early bird get the worm” but “he who hesitates is lost”.  REGISTER NOW, it’s never too early to start down the path towards your dream.  The time is ripe for YOU to take charge of your future and make the MAGIC HAPPEN!

Towards magic happening in your practice,


P.S.  You might ask why someone as successful as Kip needs a coach?  You might ask why I too have a coach?  Everyone has blind spots.  Professional athletes know that,which is why many have multiple coaches (strength, mind, swing, etc.).  Why not learn from the best and get thee a coach?

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