Everyone Needs A Mom

May 9, 2021
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Who Is Your Anchor, and Where is your HARBOR?

Every sailor knows that they need both.  Indeed, everyone needs them.  And they need them most when the seas get rough.

I would say that the “seas” are pretty rough now and the weather unpredictable.  Agreed?

My anchor and my harbor was my Mom.

What’s more, because she was so good at being my anchor and providing a home, even though she’s been gone 15 years, she still serves the same function.

That’s the power of such a person in one’s life.  They can have an impact even when they’re not present.  I hope that YOU have enjoyed such a person in your life.

In my case, Mom instilled some really powerful core values into my soul.  These were exemplified, nurtured and allowed to mature with her guidance and under seemingly ever-present, watchful eyes.

Mom made our house welcoming, loving, and secure.  It was Mom who made our house a HOME.

As a teacher, mentor, coach and consultant I now appreciate what Mom did more than ever.  In fact, the more I act like Mom, the more successful I am and the more my students, clients and others appreciate me.

The greatest praise my students give me is when they tell me about a situation that arises when they “hear Goldberg telling me” …something.  A coaching client put it best by telling me that at certain times she “CHANNELS MY INNER GOLDBERG.”  To me, that’s the highest possible praise.  It means that what I have taught, the example I have set and the lessons I’ve imparted have hit HOME.  I’ve been a MOM.

That’s what Mom gave to me.  I channel her all the time and hear her voice in my head daily.

But MOM also meant HARBOR and HOME.

Isn’t that what your employees need?

Don’t they need your example, your guidance, your reassurance and your support?  We know that the only constant in this world is CHANGE.  This Pandemic should have, at least, taught us that.

So, if change is a constant, then the “job” an employee was hired for will inevitably change.  The winds will change, the currents will shift and the weather will be unpredictable.

How is that person to grow with all that doubt?

Who is that employee’s ANCHOR?

Where is their HARBOR?

Do they feel at HOME?

Isn’t that what YOU want too?  Don’t you need an ANCHOR, a HARBOR and a HOME?

When we first work with a client as a consultant, we do what’s called a 360-degree interview.  It includes the Docs, their spouses, the staff and the patients.  Along with the regular “numbers”, this process gives us a complete picture of the practice from all angles.

The best thing we can hear from a team member or a patient is the word HOME.  It means that they have found a place to anchor; somewhere comfortable, trustworthy and secure.

If you can provide a HOME for your patients and your team, you will be well on your way to building a lasting enterprise that will provide you too with the sustenance and security you want, even when you’re no longer there.

Building a HOME takes a mom-like attitude.  I was grateful that I was able to channel my own MOM during times of doubt and/or crisis.  I was able to channel her when building my practice and I’m hopefully able to do so now as a teacher, coach and consultant.

MOM, I love you and I thank you.   And thank you to all those who provide a MOM-like environment; an ANCHOR to stabilize in a safe HARBOR, which feels like HOME, be it with family, team or patients.

To your excellent clarity, success and happiness on this Mother’s Day and beyond,


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