Increase Your Patient Leads up to 45% by Being Available 24/7

DISCOVER AN EXCITING NEW web-based chat service designed to capture qualified leads for your practice.


Watch the video below to learn more about this amazing new technology:

89% of consumers would like to connect with businesses through mobile messaging.

Is your practice able to meet their needs?

In today’s market, patients are 20% more likely to start chats at night and over 79% prefer chat because it's ease and convenience. But if your practice isn't open late at night or you have no way for them to connect via chat or messaging - you're missing out on a huge potential patient-base.

Website visitors engaged in chat are 2.8x more likely to convert to paying patients than other visitors.

ECM Smart Live Chat is the perfect tool to convert the people visiting your website into qualified new patients for your practice.


the average increase in qualified leads dental practices using ECM Smart Live Chat experience


of patients are more likely to book with a practice they can contact through a chat app


of patients would prefer to provide contact information via chat

(the highest of any other lead channel!)

dental practices love ecm smart live chat

I would absolutely recommend ECM Smart Live Chat to any dental practice. If you're looking to grow your business and get more leads and increase conversions.

Doctor Carmine Morreale

Boston Center for Oral Health.

Based on the amount of new leads that we've been getting so far, roughly 30% more leads every single month. We're definitely getting a return on investment without a doubt.

What you'll receive with ECM Smart Live Chat

  • A 24/7, 365 website-based Live Chat service that's always ready for your patients
  • A professionally developed chat script created by our experts
  • Facebook Integration for capturing leads on social media
  • SMS Text to Chat feature to allow your patients multiple ways to contact your practice
  • Exclusive Call Connect feature so your patients can be sent directly to an available member of staff
  • Customized Pre-chat message
  • Assured Regulatory Compliance with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA or ADA
  • Immediate reporting by email or text after each chat session

Live chat is perfect if your practice is struggling with front office or admin personnel shortages and are looking to increase the number of new patients coming from your marketing.

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ECM Smart Chat Live normally costs $399 per year + $20 per qualified lead* but you'll get it for $100 off - that's just $299 per year!

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* What's a Qualified Lead?

A Qualified Lead is a visitor who provides their name and contact information, is within your service area, and seeking a service provided by your dental office. This fee applies only to new patients, you're never charged for existing or returning patients.

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