Don’t Be a FUDdy DUDdy

January 3, 2021
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New Year’s Resolutions SUCK.  How did yours work out this past year?

You’re not alone. 97% of New Years’ resolutions are DUDs because of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

So, rather than making pointless lists of things that probably won’t happen and will disappoint, why not make a list of something that has a snowball’s chance of actually making something happen?

Make 2 lists, side by side.  The first answers the question of HOW did I get HERE?

“Here” being the places you now find yourself.What’s your ZEITGEIST?  Can you face the harsh reality of where you are?

Be truthful.  Where are you now and HOW did you get here?  Make your list of “heres”.

It could be; in debt, overweight, unloved, unhealthy, unrewarded, financially insecure, overstressed, or a myriad of conditions in which YOU are now entrenched.

The list could include; undercapitalized, held hostage by my staff, unappreciated by patients, dependent on Insurance or unable to retire comfortably.

How did you get here?

Chances are you were “resolute” about not being where you now find yourself, in some parts of your life. Or, you were “resolute” about some other pathway and have taken a detour or wrong turn.

What were the thoughts, choices, assumptions, beliefs or actions you took that contributed to your current situation?

These can include such things as; buying gallons of Ice cream, I hired the wrong person, I didn’t listen to my accountant’s advice, or I did, I didn’t set aside time for exercise, or alone time with my spouse…etc.  You get it.

Make a list of those.  That’s the second list, the “hows” of the “heres”.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

Being “resolute” and having the same mindset that got you into your current predicament will not help you move out of it.

Conversely, being a slave to Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) won’t help either.


Of course you are.  We all have these voices in our heads telling us that we’re inadequate, imposters, unworthy and more.  These are the voices of WFUD, the radio channel of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.  It plays in our heads.

Hearing them isn’t the problem.  Such broadcasts are constant, much as some lighthouse beacon, luring us, like mythological Sirens, to crash onto the rocks. Listening toand following the voices can be the problem.

For, when we listen to the voices, which always sound reasonable, often based on personal experiences, we are being kept back from our purpose, our mission and ultimately, our joy.

The challenge we each face is to hear those voices and respond with a definitive “NO, I’m not going to listen to YOU.”  Refer back to your purpose, which is best written and posted in many, accessible places. And then, couple that definitive, willing and mindful act of “NO”, with action.

Usually, such an action would be in direct conflict with the direction given by the WFUD voice.  Sticking to it is an act of willful revolt, a direct, empowering display of bravery and purpose.

For instance; let’s say that you want to get healthier and that adding some outdoor exercise is one tactic you wish to deploy.

Why do you want to be healthier?  What purpose will becoming healthier enable?  Why is that so important to you?  WHY, WHY, WHY?

Having that “WHY” as clearly and deeply defined as possible is another key to this process.

You get up in the morning and WFUD says “it’s cold outside, start tomorrow.”  Acknowledge the voice and respond.  “Yes, it’s cold outside so I will dress appropriately.”  Then, get going and do it.

It doesn’t have to be 10K!  Even a mile will do.   Start with small wins.  After 30 days, you’ll be doing it automatically and the voices might even cease to be heard.  Certainly, it will be easer to ignore.

We’re all fakers, imposters and charlatans.  We fool ourselves into thinking we can,  do and become more than we are.  At some point, we were correct.  

Remember the time just before you treated your first patient?  What gave you the right to think that you could do it?

You were a fraud then, just as you are now, towards the things you’ve not yet done but want to accomplish.  We’re all fakers until we JUST DO IT.

Our professional, WFUD voice says, “take more courses” or “get another certification”.  Don’t listen.  More courses won’t quiet WFUD.  

You’re still a fraud, faker or imposter until you do it!  And even afterwards, you know that there’s someone who does it better.  WFUD continues to broadcast.

The best way to drown out WFUD?

It’s not by listening to well-meaning friends, family and even colleagues who don’t share your vision, passion or your WHY.  Are their voices better than WFUD?  Most likely, NOT!

The antidote to WFUD?

Coaching and Mentoring; an experienced voice, who has been to where you want to go and who, with wisdom, caring and compassion, can guide you to where you want to go.

Don’t try to turn WFUD off.  Hear what it has to say.  Because, what it says you should or should not do, is often the pathway to your future success.  Just do the opposite of WFUD’s advice. Be a contrarian, screw WFUD’s admonitions.

Need help?  Get a Coach or a Mentor.

Wishing you a preponderance of positive voices in the coming year and beyond, all leading you towards the fulfillment of your WHY,

Michael, Laurie, Merideth and the PPS Team

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