Coffee With the Coach

A Unique Program to Give You Tools, Strategies, and Support in Your Dental Practice.

  • Get advice and strategies tailored specifically for the dental industry.
  • Get support around changes to the economy and the unique growing pains your practice experiences.
  • Monthly live events tailored to your situation and designed to help you grow your practice.

Hi, I'm Michael Goldberg. And my CV, while impressive, means nothing if I can’t help you. And helping doctors achieve their goals is something I’m both passionate about and good at.

Don’t do this alone.
These are challenging times and having a coach who's been through these situations before can provide wisdom and comfort.

You may already know me. I’ve been doing this for over 40 years through various teaching efforts including 30 years at Columbia University, Temple University, and as the official advisor for the Spencer Study Club..

More relevant than any academic or even clinical expertise I have however, is that I’ve been an ardent student of MARKETING over my entire 40+ year career in Dentistry. Understanding the factors that makes people tick and how those change over time, is my superpower. Connecting the Dots from what happens outside the practice to what happens inside is what I can bring to you.

I’ve helped Private Clients, members in the Spencer Study Club and elsewhere navigate challenges, even as I helped Colgate promote their products when I worked with Sudler Hennessey, their Advertising company.

INFLATION, EMPLOYMENT, SUPPLY CHAIN, CHANGING BUYING PATTERNS and more are all looming issues that require changes in attitude and systems. My take on these and other issues will help you navigate the potentially choppy waters ahead. You’re the Captain of your ship.

Think of Coffee With The Coach as a navigational aide.

Topics we'll be discussing over the year include:

  • Trends
  • KPI’s and Productivity
  • Marketing
  • Building Equity
  • HR issues
  • Treatment Acceptance
  • Transition strategies
  • …and more

The Coffee With the Coach Program
Puts You & Your Team Head and Shoulders Above Your Competition

But don't take my word for it - here's what actual members of Coffee With the Coach have to say:

It's also the only program of its kind that allows you to bring additional team members and YOU get a say in what is discussed and delivered to you every month.

Designed to help you quickly get back to doing what you do best:
Helping Your Patients

You don't need an online course, another year-long program or to hire expensive consultants to overhaul your entire practice. You know deep down what your practice needs and the Coffee with the Coach program recognizes that you just need a little guidance you get your practice back on track.

What's included in your monthly or annual subscription to Coffee With the Coach:

Monthly Webinar with Q&A
(recorded for your convenience)

Weekly Newsletter
"The Patient Experience"

Weekly Articles to guide your practice decisions

Monthly PPS Newsletter

Private Facebook Group

Access for your entire admin team

Discover just how easy it can be to see BIG RESULTS in your practice when you're regularly having


Imagine a year from now, having a thriving and growing practice. This is possible and much more when you and your team get guided support from a coach on a regular basis.

  1. 1
    Monthly Recorded Webinars: each month get laser-focused discussion with a 20 minute question and answer period to get help with your unique problems.
  2. 2
    Articles, Newsletters and More: to guide you for the rest of the month
  3. 3
    A Private Peer Group: never worry about your peers not understanding what you're going through. Community is a key component to growth.
  4. 4
    Team Access: Allow your entire team members to access the trainings so you can involve them for greater success.


  1. 1
    Both Monthly and Annual Members:
    25% discount on all Practice Perfect Systems products and services
  2. 2
    Annual Members:
    TWO, 1-hour, one-on-one Strategy Sessions valued at $1,800


Brings your team members along for the ride

YOU probably aren't the person who is going to collect and input the data. In
fact, if your practice is set up properly and you have not boxed yourself into a JOB, then other
people will be involved in the data collection and possibly even analysis process.

The Coffee With the Coach program allows you to bring your entire admin team to the monthly trainings and additional resources.

Michael Goldberg

Practice Perfect Systems

About Your Coach

Michael has been in Private Practice and Academia since 1977 and built a prestigious group practice in Manhattan where he focused on comprehensive, whole-body care. As he treated so many physicians, his colleagues dubbed him “The Doctor’s Dentist.”

He was on Faculty at Columbia University and New York-Presbyterian Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Medical Center for 30 years in many positions, including Director of the GPR program and Director of the course on Practice Management.

Michael teaches practice management at Temple University and speaks nationally and internationally on a variety of subjects. He and Practice Perfect Systems are the official practice management consultants to the Spencer Study Club for their Business Elite Groups.

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Get TWO bonus one-on-one strategy sessions valued at $1,800!


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