Are You Basing Your Decisions off Feelings?

January 3, 2022
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I read Tim Ferris’ weekly blog “5-Bullet Friday”.  He’s a Gen-Xer, and so I like to hear what he’s been up to and how he thinks.  So recently, when he linked to the Pornhub Insights “2021 Year in Review”, I just had to click and check it out.  What were these “insights” Tim was so excited about?


I must admit that I had to look up several terms that were foreign to me.   But the amount of data they collect was mind boggling.  Here’s just one of the graphs showing how much time various people spend on their site.  These guys measure everything!

This “insights” report points to how well this site (business) is monitored.  Part of a $100 Billion global industry, they measure everything, including how the site performed during the Superbowl and type of devise used!

Dentistry in the US alone is more than a $130 Billion industry.  How much of it YOU get might depend on your understanding the numbers.

The “insights” data is even broken down by State!  I bet, if they wanted, they could break it down by zip code.  I bet Disney knows such numbers too.  How they invest in their various assets is a decision best not left to chance or ‘feelings’ but rather to market/audience analysis.



Recently, not knowing specific data and the trends caused me to err.   When a client asked about putting an animated, cartoon-like video on their practice’s website, I said ‘no’ but the better answer, based on data I learned from the aforementioned website, should be that it depends on their marketing AVATAR.

If the patient avatars were only boomers, I would have been correct in saying that a live person would be better.   But, if the avatar was Gen X, a cartoon or animated video might capture their attention.

Younger generations see things differently, and if marketing is aimed at those generations, then it behooves me (and you) to understand their preferred language.  By the way, the data shows that Gen Xers (35-54) searched for “Cartoon” 58% more than others.

The point I’m making is that communication styles change.  What might have facilitated communication and been effectively persuasive in the past might no longer work and visa versa.  As communicators, and that’s what marketers are, we must stay on top of such trends.

Watch the trends as they change.  What does the change mean for your marketing?

Do YOU measure the performance of your marketing and other systems?

I’ve long surrendered to the misconception that I understand how younger people think.  I feel like my parents must have felt when I was a teen rebelling against the Vietnam War and listening to Led Zeppelin.  I’m the ancient one now.  But I learned the lesson that things change and if you want to stay relevant, you adapt.

In order to make the correct decisions, you need access to the NUMBERS that matter.

During our upcoming FREE WEBINAR, we will explore the Metrics that Matter and discuss how they can be used to help you navigate 2022 and make it your best year ever.


To successful adaptation and outcomes,




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